Publicity and Training

The CNIPA adopts various actions to promote public awareness of the necessity and importance of the respect and protection for IPR. It also enhanced the guidance to local authorities in this regard.

-- initiating various activities during the "Intellectual Property Publicity Week" in "4.26" every year;

-- initiating the programme of conferring the "Chinese Patent Award" since 1989, the award being conferred every two years, wherein the "Chinese Patent Gold Award" is conferred jointly by the CNIPA and the WIPO;

-- co-sponsored the programme of "CCTV Innovation Gala" and its prize awarding ceremony with the China Central TV (CCTV);

-- co-sponsoring the programme for selecting the "Female Inventors in the New Century" with the Chinese Invention Association and the All-China Women's Federation.

-- planning to launch a public education supporting the "Year of Intellectual Property Culture" in 2007.

The China Intellectual Property Training Center, a subordinate to the CNIPA, bears the duty of continued education for incumbent practitioners and universal education in the IP field, training various types of intellectuals for the society.