Commissioner's Message: Build a Powerful IP Country to Support the "New Normal"


SIPO Commissioner Shen Changyu

At the joyful beginning of the promising 2015, on behalf of SIPO, I would like to express my sincere greetings and new year wishes to all members in China's intellectual property (IP) system and leaders at all levels and friends from all fields who have shown long-term concern and support to IP undertaking.

2014 is a year when China's IP undertaking has gained new development and achievements and stepped on a higher level. Over the last year, with guidance, care and support from CPC Central Committee and the State Council, China's IP system has implemented conference spirits of the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Third Plenary Session of 18th CPC Central Committee and the Fourth Plenary Session of 18th CPC Central Committee as well as spirits of General Secretary Xi Jinping's key speeches. China's IP system has carried out the decisions and arrangements seriously and put forward with a new aim of "building a powerful IP country". IP undertaking has stepped on a higher level as both quality and quantity of IP products have achieved coordinated development; intellectual property rights (IPR) application and protection have been further strengthened; and IP management and service have been improved continuously.

A number of meaningful events have taken place, such as issuing and implementation of The Further Implementation of the National Intellectual Property Strategy Action Plan (2014-2020), successful completion of law enforcement inspection on patent laws, steady development of the public service platform for IP operation, timely release of Several Opinions on Intellectual Property Supporting Development of Small and Micro Businesses and establishment of WIPO China Office. All these events are leading China's IP undertaking to significant progress and remarkable development.

Currently, China's IP undertaking has seen new development opportunities. The Fourth Plenary Session of 18th CPC Party Committee and the recently-held Central Economic Work Conference have made new arrangements and put forward with new requirements on IP work. It was clearly specified on the Fourth Plenary Session to strengthen legislation in key areas, improve property system and IPR protection system that encourage innovation and refine mechanism that promotes transformation of science and technology achievements. It was underlined at the Central Economic Work Conference to study the "new normal" of economic development profoundly and put more emphasis on property rights and IPR protection. IP industry has become an important part of advancing the rule of law and a significant support for economic development under the "new normal". We should grasp the world development trend from an overall perspective. Bearing characteristics of China's current IP undertaking and long-term developmental aim in mind, we should adhere to the path of IP industry supporting national development with Chinese characteristics, improve development level and strength of IP undertaking from every aspect and provide powerful support for economic development under the "new normal".

In 2015, we will further strengthen mechanism construction and refine IP laws and regulations to create a sound institutional environment for "entrepreneurship and innovation" and stimulate the whole society's passion of innovation, creation and entrepreneurship all of which are expected to generate new products, cultivate new business and support the "new normal".

In 2015, we will further strengthen IP top-layer planning. By researching and making "13th Five-Year Plan" for IP, we wish to promote profound integration between IP and economic and social development, realize harmony between IP and the "new normal" and improve IP strength for supporting economic and social development.

In 2015, we will further enhance IP creation and application and stick to the philosophy of "attaching great importance to both patent quantity and quality" for patent development. At the same time, basing on competitive industry, characteristic industry and resource features of different regions, we should make regional arrangements, industrial distribution and overseas planning for transition and upgrading of traditional industries and accelerate development of strategic emerging industries, which is expected to form new growth point under the "new normal".

In 2015, we will keep strengthening IPR protection, administrative enforcement of IPR laws and construction of IPR courts to constitute administrative and judicial protection mechanism featuring "two means being complementary and supportive to each other". Offer better protection on patent holders' legitimate rights and interests and create a fair, just, open and transparent judicial and market environment for economic development under the new normal.

In 2015, we will strengthen the foundation for IP undertaking development and comprehensively improve our capacity and level for supporting economic development by, on one hand, enhancing talent team building, examination capacity, IP culture building and Party building in the IP system and, on the other hand, constructing patent examination cooperation center and public service system.

In 2015, we will further enhance international IP exchanges and cooperation and take a more active part in IP international business to direct international IP rules towards mutual benefits and inclusiveness and provide protection and services for Chinese enterprises' export business and national reform and opening-up.

The "new normal" brings new opportunities while a new aim leads to new development. National IP system should conduct profound study and carry out spirits of General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping's key speeches and continue focusing on partnership, hard work, reform, innovation and development. We will implement IP strategy and build up a strong IP power to support economic development under the "new normal" and realize the "two century goals" and the Chinese Dream of "great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation".