Introduction of SIPO Emblem


SIPO emblem is made up of five stars and the letters "I" and "P".

The left half of the emblem consists of one big star and four smaller ones, symbolizing SIPO's nature of a governmental department and its authoritativeness. The five-star pattern also represents the People's Republic of China.

The letters "I" and "P" on the right half of the emblem are the abbreviation of "intellectual property", making it more identifiable while used in the international stage.

The emblem uses red and blue colors. The red color represents China while the blue indicates intelligence and information.

Steady and progressive as a whole, the modern and dynamic emblem reflects that SIPO, as a state-level authority of IPR protection, exercises the power of protecting IPRs on behalf of the state and is making greater contribution to China's sci-tech progress and economic development.

Meanwhile, the steadiness and progressiveness of the emblem also indicate the prosperous development and rise of SIPO undertaking.

The oval emblem as a whole is just like the moving orbits of cosmic stars, implying the endless knowledge.