The First Agreement on IPR Cooperation Between Mainland and Hong Kong Signed

On November 16, SIPO Commissioner Tian Lipu and Hong Kong Director of Intellectual Property, Peter Cheung, signed the two offices' first ever agreement on IPR cooperation.

The agreement strengthens cooperation in IPR field between the Mainland and Hong Kong by fostering exchange and deepening communication, with a view to working together to promote innovation and economic growth through intellectual property. Cooperative areas covered include exchange of information on laws, publicity and education activities as well as automation services, provision of staff training by the SIPO upon the IPD's request, exchange of information and publications, promotion of the concept and trend of  intellectual property trading to facilitate the restructuring and upgrade of enterprises.

The agreement is made on the solid foundation of many years cooperation and is another step forward in the cooperation between the two sides. It also reflects the close cooperation and understanding between the two sides, which would further promote such cooperation.

(China IP News)