Opinions on iPad dispute at Mobile World Congress

During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the largest event for the mobile industry, participants expressed their views on the battle between Apple and Proview.

Apple stole the show at the Mobile World Congress on Day 2 by dispatching email invites for its March 7th unveiling of its third generation iPad. But the latest dispute between Apple and Chinese firm, Proview is heaping unwanted attention on the tech giant.

Most large companies stayed neutral and expressed limited personal opinions. Analysts say they are unwilling to offend either Apple or the Chinese market.

But some Chinese companies sided with Proview, saying its lawsuit is about protecting trademark rights.

He Shiyou, CEO of ZTE said: "I think Apple has made tremendous contribution to the whole industrial chain. However, China has its own legal mechanism and Proview registered the trademark earlier. So, both of them should have a sit-down for further negotiation."

Liu Jinxiao with Shenzhen Weihua Technology said: "I think every enterprise should fight for its own rights. And the IPAD trademark dispute reflects the fierce competition between vendors from mobile communication industries. Besides, it could raise local companies’ awareness of the importance of intellectual property rights."

Analysts say the IPAD trademark dispute will draw more attention to Chinese trademark law.

(Source: Xinhua)