China Ranks 7th in International Trademark Filings in 2011

Statistics from WIPO website show that 2011 saw the highest number of international trademark applications ever filed under WIPO's Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks (Madrid system). Applicants from China ranked 7th , filing 2,149 international applications, or 5.1% of the total. In 2010, China ranked 8th. In addition, China remained No.1 in designations.

"An increase in China's international trademark applications filed under Madrid system mirrors that Chinese enterprises have valued the IPR's rule in fostering economic and social development. Despite the recovery of the global economy has been slow, However, China is seeing a continuous growth in economy. Since China issued its National Intellectual Property Strategy Compendium in 2008, the IPR awareness and competitiveness among Chinese enterprises has been largely improved. As they now adopt the strategy of 'going out' and it becomes particularly important in strengthening IPR protection." said Dr. Li Shunde from Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Numbers show that China sees an 11.5% increase from 2010 in using the Madrid system, followed by the Russian Federation, the European Union and the United States of America. The top 10 most frequently designated members in 2011 remained the same as in 2010 with China pacing with 18,724 designations. "Not only we saw a rapid growth in submission of international applications for trademark registration overseas, but also registrations in China by other countries grow continuously. All of the above  sufficiently show that the whole world is attaching great importance to the Chinese market as well as the implementation of IPR strategy by Chinese government and the 'going out' has come to frution." said Dr. Li.

(China IP News)