Wang Qishan Promises Microsoft CEO Anti-piracy Efforts

Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan met here Wednesday with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, pledging consistent efforts to crack down on software piracy.

Protecting intellectual property is necessary in the construction of an innovative country, Wang said, adding the China's government attaches great importance to this area and is endeavoring to create a sound environment for the development of Chinese companies.

Central government organs in China have accomplished the goal of using authorized software, since China vigorously advanced the use and purchase of authorized software by governments last year, according to Wang.

The vice premier said governments at provincial level will complete review and rectification work in the area before the end of this June, and governments at municipal or county level will finish the work before the end of December, 2013.

Governments at all levels should earmark the cost of purchasing software in the budget, and set up or improve management and supervision systems, he said.

Ballmer said the Chinese government has made remarkable progress in protecting intellectual property and using authorized software.

Ballmer said he will enhance cooperation with China, and contribute to the healthy development of bilateral economic ties.

Also on Wednesday afternoon, Wang met with David Rubenstein, co-chief executive officer of the Carlyle Group.

(Source: Xinhua)