Supreme Court Issues Top Ten IPR Cases for 2011

On April 17, the Supreme Court issued the top ten IPR case and 50 typical cases for 2011. The ten cases include seven civil cases, two administrative cases and one criminal case, according to the press conference held by the court in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province.

The seven civil cases are: Taobao trademark infringement case, Lafite trademark dispute case, Dayun and JVC automobile trademark dispute case, air conditioner Sleep Mode patent infringement case, Baidu MP3 search copyright dispute case, 360 and QQ unfair competition case, Kaixin unfair competition case. Two administrative cases are: CASTEL trademark administrative dispute case as it was revoke due to three years unused, the invention patent anti-beta-lactamase antibiotic composition invention invalid case. One criminal case is concerning illegal copying and distribution of piracy software.

The top ten cases covers the major IPR fields, for there are two patent infringement cases, four trademark dispute cases, two copyright cases and two unfair competition cases. With the rapid development of Internet industry in recent years, Internet-related cases are gradually approaching the center stage of all IPR cases, which is clearly reflected in this event.

Among the 50 typical cases, 35 are civil cases, which include 9 patent infringement cases. The rest are ten IPR administrative cases and five criminal cases.

(China IP News)