2012 National IPR Publicity Week Launches

The April 26 boasts the 12th World IP Day. On April 20, China launches its annual national IPR publicity week. This year's event is themed of fostering IPR culture and facilitating public innovation development. During the week from April 20 to 27, the organizing committee and member units would highlight the achievements made across the country since the implementing of national IPR Strategy through a series of activities including fora, seminars, inquiries, open-house days and lectures.

SIPO Commissioner Tian Lipu said in his speech that in the past one year, under the strong leadership of the Central Party and the State Council, the implementation of IPR strategy and building of innovative country is proceeding solidly, and domestic companies' technological innovation became more active. In the new year, we should fully understand the requirements of economic and social development for IPR community, give high priority to integrating IPR with economic development, emphasis on fostering IPR culture, and step up IPR system construction. 

At the opening ceremony, WIPO Director General Francis Gurry sent a message. "this year the theme of World IP Day is Visionary Innovators, China boasts of many visionary innovators, and it has also achieved remarkable records over the past three decades after joining WIPO. For instance, China's PCT international filing ranked the 4th position in the world, and the Madrid International TM filing at the 7th place with its subsequent designation of TM registration on top of the global records. In the field of copyright, the copyright based industries has reached more than 10% of the national GDP at some city level. "

The 25 central authorities, which form the organizing committee, will launch a series of activities during the week. For instance, on April 24, SIPO, National Copyright Administration (NCA), State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC), Information Office of the State Council will jointly hold a press conference on China's IPR development. Ministry of Public Security will launch a special nationwide campaign on combating IPR crimes. Ministry of Justice will provide lectures on IPR laws for the public and issue IPR-related promotional materials. SAIC will formulated an annual development report on China's trademark strategy. NCA will hold a launching ceremony on Green Bookmark 2012, and destroy piracy manufactures on the scene. In parallel, SIPO will continue to hold its Open-House Day on April 27,  offering an interactive Q & A session for visitors.

(China IP News)