Major Changes in National Patent Attorney Examination

In its recently-issued notice on national patent attorney examination, SIPO makes an overhaul in the upcoming 2012 examination. Key changes include ease of qualification for registration, registration time, verification of diplomas and streamlined formalities for residents from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

I. Registration

From 2012 onwards, current master candidates with a sci-tech major  after two school years and current doctor candidates with a sci-tech major are deemed having two-year actual working experience in sci-tech. a This change opens door for graduate master or doctor candidates nearing graduation or graduated masters and doctors having worked for less than two years.

II. Verification of Diplomas

Under the notice, diploma can be used as educational qualifications. The candidates who apply for application with diplomas issued by a Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan or foreign university shall be verified by the designated center under the Ministry of Education.

III. Registration period

The notice bring the registration period ahead from late June to June 4 and June 19. Meanwhile, screening of registration materials was also advanced to June 11-June 29 (July 6 for Beijing site).

IV. Facilitate for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan candidates

In a bid to facilitate Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan candidates' application, relevant candidates may choose Beijing, Guangzhou and Fuzhou as their examination site through online registration and shall comply with relevant protocols. Candidates residing in Hong Kong or Macao may choose IPR offices in their regions and go through check there.  In parallel, the notice explicitly allows Hong Hong, Macao and Taiwan candidates to use traditional full-form Chinese characters when answering.

(China IP News)