Microsoft Executive Lauds IP Protection in China

"As China continues to step up IP protection, I believe, proper respect and rewards will give birth to more and more innovation super stars right here. Thanks to the development of China's IP protection environment, both transnational corporations and domestic companies feel more comfortable in doing business here," said Yu Weidong, General Manager of Intellectual Property Right Microsoft China.

Utilize multiple measures to ensure use of legitimate software

As General Manager of Intellectual Property Right Microsoft China, Yu signaled the importance of IP to Microsoft in his very first words with our reporter: "IP itself is the product of Microsoft, which is easy to circulate and obtain. Microsoft would lose its market in entirety without the blessing of an effective IP system and protection."

In fact, in Yu's eyes, IP protection is closely related to the very interests of the people: "At the age of knowledge-based economy, most people use and enjoy IP. In IP-related transactions, some people, however, elect to purchase cheap knockoffs, which is unfair for those people purchase the legit ones. It harms the interests of both innovators and consumers. That's why Microsoft attaches great importance to IP protection."

Yu share with CIP News reporter some measures Microsoft adopts to combat piracy: "Litigation is not the only avenue in  cracking down on piracy software, that's why Microsoft and government departments and some forward-looking industry leaders advocate IP protection in years. In a bid to do its utmost for anti-piracy, Microsoft does not merely safeguard IPR via judicial means, but also contribute through public education and advanced technology."

Prospects of China look good

Working in Microsoft for over a decade, Yu has been living the development of Chinese IP system and IP protection environment.

One thing particular impresses him is the special campaign on cracking down IP infringement and production and sales of counterfeit goods launched in 2010. "It adopts a series of practical measures to promote the use of legitimate software by government agencies, and Microsoft rolls with it and benefits from it," said Yu.
I'm very glad that the campaign was incorporated in this year's government report, which lays a solid foundation for establishing a long-term effective mechanism for IP protection. Microsoft very much hopes that the Chinese government will pay a continuous attention on IP, and push the information industry including software to a new height after several years' of hard working," according to Yu.

Yu has great confidence in China's IP development, and said that all innovative Chinese companies would benefit. "Meanwhile, by reason of the unique features of software industry and software itself, we hope that all circles in the society make concerted efforts to improve the consumers' aware of anti-piracy. As the largest IP market and second largest economy, China needs to do a better job in creating a sound IP protection environment. At the age of knowledge-based economy, China must vigorously develop IP community. Only by doing so can it realize the transition from Made in China to Created in China," Yu said.

(China IP News)