State Council: China to Launch a New National Campaign Against IPR Violations

According to the work agenda concerning the IPR protection and crackdown on the production and sale of counterfeit goods the General Office of the State Council released recently, China will launch a new national campaign to crack down on violations of intellectual property rights and to mete out stern punishment to the massive, repeatedly, malicious patent infringement and frauds.

According to the agenda, the 2012 action on combating IPR infringement and manufacture and sales of counterfeit and inferior quality commodities should impose tough measures on serious cases, step up efforts to crack down on infringement of IPR, establish the long-tern mechanism, strengthen its bases construction and publicity guide and ensure the campaign efficiency.

Concerted efforts will also be made to protect patent right under the special rectification campaigns. The related administration plans to take stern scrutiny over the production, distribution, guide the patent protection during the R&D process, punish severely patent-related infringement especially involving public's livelihood, major projects and nation's interest, mete out stern punishment to the massive, repeatedly, malicious patent infringement and frauds, wage an intensive IPR enforcement inspection at national and international exhibitions, as well as major special markets.

The agenda mentions campaigns to be carried out to ensure protection for trademark rights, copyrights, patent rights and online shopping sites, import and export of fake goods and GI products. The action will also focus on the illegal activities of obtaining business secrets through illegal means, as well as efforts to tighten up law enforcement to crack down on violating commercial secrets, infringement of layout design of integrated circuit and using Olympic symbols illegally. 

(China IP News)