14TH China Patent Award Candidates for Public Scrutiny

When the applications for the 14th China patent award first started on February this year, the event has attracted extensive attention and the award review office has evaluated and pre-examined 620 patent projects. Public could check and review these projects published on the official website of SIPO or on the CIP News. The review is from May 25 to June 8.

The award review office has finished an overall and comprehensive inspection on legal status and authorization announcement date of the patent projects, completeness and effectiveness of the materials, qualification of recommend units and the quota etc. the pre-examined projects are on the list to be reviewed by the public.

As of now, China has successfully hosted 13 awards. And the event started to be held annually from every two-year since 2010 and the gold medals for gold was added. Right now, the China patent award is playing an active role in inspring innovation and taking a lead in enhancing capacity for independent innovation.

(China IP News)