IPR Adds Brilliance to London Olympic Games

The boundless fields with cattle and sheep walking leisurely and water wagons turning slowly are what you see in London, the place of the opening ceremony of the thirtieth Olympic Games. During the three-hour ceremony, people around the world feasted their eyes on British scenery and felt intoxicated with the rock music and the world of sound, electricity and light.

On the big stage of the Olympics appears the most advanced global technology, much of which are creativity, patented technologies and brands from Chinese enterprises. The technology all together creates an IP song for the games.

The charm of innovation

Four years ago, the unpredictable "Chinese scroll" one by one opened the curtain of Beijing Olympic Games. The company that created the visual miracle is Crystal Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (Crystal CG). Four years later, Crystal CG attracts the world's attention again.

Early in March 2009, Crystal CG has already been awarded as the official digital imaging service supplier for London Olympics, responsible for three kinds of service, competition venue simulation, video production and large-scale activity image. "What we rely on is the innovation capability. The digital technology innovation can speed up the wide dissemination of culture, but the display methods of science and technology should strive for all ages in order to avoid cultural divide." Chairman of Crystal CG Lu Zhenggang says. Independent innovation, as he puts it, is a good way for enterprises to go out.

Remember Beijing Olympic closing ceremony four years ago: "London 8 minutes", debuting on a red double-decker bus, made people unforgettable. Four years later in London Olympics, what makes we Chinese full of pride is that the open-top double-decker sightseeing buses produced by Chinese Anhui Ankai Automobile Company make their debut on London street. The bus, which adopts the "double-decker bus skeleton body assembly" technology (patent granted in March 2011), shows the company's developing path of digestion, absorption and creativity, and also sets a new milestone for the expansion of Chinese passenger vehicles in the overseas market.

A brand festival

Compared with Chinese companies' passion in snapping up Beijing Olympic sponsorships four years ago, however, that is rarely seen in the sponsored listing of London Olympic Games. The domestic brands may actually be more work on the end-sales promotions of the Olympic Games.

On July 23, 400 red buses appeared in London street, with printed 伊利 and its logo and unique Chinese oriental face, as well as a title of ordinary people, extraordinary story written in Chinese and English. The buses now have become a popular Chinese element in London. The advertiser is Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group. In London Olympic Games, Yili tends to focus more on the Olympic platform to facilitate the popularization of heath patterns and concepts in China.

At the end of June, the presidents of Olympic Committee and senior representatives of Iraq, New Zealand and other five countries get together in Beijing, and attended the ceremony of Peak sponsored delegations from seven countries. During the Olympics, all the officials and athletes of the seven countries would wear the suit and clothes sponsored by Peak Sports Products Company.

"A successful Olympics marketing strategy would dramatically facilitate its brand. What the Olympics brought is not only the economic growth, but brand-rising and reputation." according to a industrial insider.

Seizes Olympics market with patent products

Here is a light which can transform 90% electricity energy into light energy. A 1.7W light can therefore shine as brightly as a traditional 15W-80W bulb or 7W-20W LED. The creation from Chengdu is backed by self-reliant IPRs. Its clients include Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall, billboards along freeways in the the U.S., streets of Rome, and now the London Olympic Games.

The inventor of the light is Wang Bohao, a 22-year-old graduate and the general manager of Sichuan Bohao Dengfeng S&T Company.

Earlier last year, the then-21-year-old secured a formal order from London Olympic Organizing Committee who planned to have his Dengfeng LED lighting up the London 2012 Olympic Games. The London Organizing Committee confirmed their trust in his products' "normal working 50,000 hours" by ordering 40,000 LED lights.

At the same time, the Wudi brand high-tech racing boats produced by Huaying Group were accepted in international market. In 2010, Huaying took part in the London Olympics' global bidding contest of supplier of racing boats, and eventually outperforming its peers after three rounds of elimination. On top of its cost effectiveness, its patent-backed technology plays a key role.

While the athletes roam the game, IPRs also has its day.

(China IP News)