Rock Records Filed a Copyright Lawsuit

The Asian record giant Rock Records recently filed a copyright case against the well-known appliance retailer Gome Electrical Appliances Holdings Limited, the television manufacturer Konka Group and the IPTV service provider Best TV. The Beijing No.2 Intermediate People's Court recently heard the case.

The Rock Records claimed that they own the copyright of the song Perplexed performed by Chang Chen-yue, Loneliness all my life performed by Rene Liu, Silk road by Fish Leong, Mortal song by Jonathan Lee, Betray by Gary Chaw, 2010 Taipei Concert by Super Band etc. However, they discovered that the three defendants pre-installed the 69 music videos on the product of KONKA LCD TV without authorization, so the consumers can easily get the above MV without payment. Rock Records then brought the case to the court, sought injunction and 700,000 yuan in damages.

Up to now, the case is in trial, and we will follow the development of the case.

(China IP News)