China Registered 800,000+ Copyrights in 2012

In 2012, China has registered 800,000+ copyright softwares, 680,000+ of which were works registrations, up 50% over 2011, nearly 140,000 of which were software registrations. In 2012, 146 copyrightws were pledged to get a loan of 2.751 billion yuan, including 773 softwares and works, sources from National Copyright Administration (NCA) said on January 17.

The registrations covers 687,700 works, up 49.05% over 2011, and Beijing rank the top in this regard. In terms of work types, the registrations are mostly photography, writing, art and film. In 2012, China registered 139,200 software copyrights, up 27.33%, and Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu rank the top five in the nation. The registration for cloud-based softwares witnessed the fastest growth, and 1,946 of that were registered, up 118.65%. "The growth of Chinese copyright registration in 2012 reflects that the cultural creativity and social copyright awareness has become stronger, and some enterprises have attached greater importance to copyright protection, utilization and management." said a principal of NCA.

In October 2011, NCA issued a circular to unify the registration process and certificate formats. For more than one year, thanks to the cooperation between China Copyright Protection Center and local copyright registration agencies across the nation on the registration normalization, the quality and quantity of registration has improved rapidly.

(China IP News)