Chinese Animation Company's Public Service Dream

Many Chinese cartoon fans are impressed by an animation series Gemini Fables. In this story, the hero and heroine KeKe and Xiaoai were designed to propagate nonprofit culture with their own experiences.
Now, audiences in Australia will have a chance to watch this public service advertisement (PSA). Days before, the animation producer Guilin Crane Animation Company reached a cooperation agreement with Simon Higgins from an education foundation based in Australia, they will bring out the international edition and be broadcasted in Australia.
According to a representative from Australia Asia Education Foundation Guilin Crane Animation Company surnamed Xie, Gemini Fables is more than a TV show, but a Commonweal brand. Right now, they are considering producing Gemini Fables castoon, living theatre, radio play and early educating magazines.

The popular cartoon
Established in 2006, Guilin Crane Animation is a company specialized in producing original cartoon. Two years later, this company created the kingdom of Diaper,the then Gemini Fables, and won the bronze award at Changzhou International Animation Festival. Speaking to the interviewers, Xie said that there are 500 volumes in the first season in total, the page view of 40 volumes on video website amounted to 100 million. It's worth saying that our Gemini Fables was promoted on the website of China Civilization co-hosted by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC and other departments.
According to Xie, PSA represents the development of comprehensive quality made by the whole society, a nation, a city and even a company. A cartoon work with public good attracts the audiences of different ages and can easily deliver the culture of common good to the public. But it's a pity that there's no such a company specialized in original animation brand for PSA and in an effort to fill the gap, Guilin Crane Animation then started the business.

Popularity among overseas broadcasters
Gemini Fables's success won Guilin Crane Animation a name in China, and attracted attention from overseas broadcasters. "Some days ago, Mr. Simon Higgins came to Crane Animation for a cooperation to promote the international edition in Australia. We are glad that we can reach an agreement. Besides this, we are now negotiating with broadcasters from Switzerland." said Xie.
According to Xie, Mr. Simon Higgins plays a critical role in bringing out the cooperation. Simon Higgins serves as the art producer for the international edition, the team re-created the works on the basis of the language habit, life style in Australia, not just the translation.

Market decides business model

In the business starting-stage, Crane Animation has decided to build Gemini Fables into a cartoon PSA brand, not just a TV show. They will produce the Gemini Fables cartoon, living theatre, radio play and early educating magazines in the near future. "We have produced 60 volumes of Gemini Fables comic books and be published in April. Also, the audiences will enjoy the living stage opera and radio play in March and June. According to the company strategy,  Crane Animation will also produce China's first early educating animation magazine, the Gemini Fables." says Xie.
"Just like the business model of the animation industry, Crane Animation's priority is to gain popularity and visibility first and then make profits. Although we have attracted wide attention, still we fail to make profits, the market will decide the business model. " says Xie.

(China IP News)