"Made in China 2025" was Released

Recently, China's State Council issued the "Made in China 2025" to deploy the implementation of a comprehensive manufacturing power strategy. This is a first-decade action programme of manufacturing power strategy. As regards the strategic tasks and priorities, the "Made in China 2025" clearly indicates to strengthen the utilization of intellectual property. The released "Made in China 2025"has drawn up a grand blueprint for China to transfer from "Made in China" to "Created in China", from "Chinese Speed" to "Chinese Quality", and from "Chinese Product" to "Chinese Brand".

"Without innovation or intellectual property, we cannot build a manufacturing power for the aim of strong nation. To build a manufacturing power through intellectual property creation and use is the necessary route to build a strong China." Qu Xianming, the drafting member of "Made in China 2025"said. In Qu's opinion, "Made in China 2025"is a comprehensive strategic move of far-reaching historical significance under the new normal, namely, economic structural adjustment. In recent years, it is exciting to see that, China's aim and plan to build world's industrial manufacturing power is becoming gradually cleared.

"Made in China 2025" adheres to the basic rules of market oriented and government guidance, based on current situation and focusing on long-term development, promoting overall progress and making major breakthroughs, perusing self development and opening for cooperation. "Made in China 2025" sets up the guide line and nine strategic tasks and priorities, six key projects, and proposes eight major strategic support and guarantee for the development of China's manufacturing industry. "Due to the shortage of independent innovation ability, core technologies and intellectual properties, China is still lack of the manufacturing power." According to Qu, during a long time, Chinese products are lacking core competitiveness except for quantity and low price, making it difficult to achieve substantial profits. It is urgent to upgrade IP capacity for manufacturing, to make use of intellectual properties to achieve innovation-driven economic development.

"Strengthening the IP creation and utilization is an important resource and a core element of development and competitiveness for the manufacturing industry." Those leading enterprises of manufacture industry on the way of "going out", such like Inspur Group, Hikvision, Sany, Zoomlion, have a more profound understanding on both the creation and utilization of intellectual property."To participate in international competition, without IPRs we cannot walk, and we cannot go further without IP utilization." Chen Wusheng, the president of Zhejiang Tongling Technology Co., LTD., which suffered a lot from lawsuits by foreign enterprises, said to the reporter, the creation of intellectual property is important, but the use of the intellectual property is an important way to realize the value of IP and reflects enterprise competitiveness. IP needs not only the attention from enterprises but also a strong support policy from the government. After the 2008 international financial crisis, the US,  Germany, UK and other c
ountries have introduced stronger manufacturing strategy. Zhang Monan, the researcher of State Information Center introduced to the reporter, "China is making policy to guide enterprises to enhance innovation capability and IP is not only the need to build a bigger and stronger manufacture industry, but also the trend of the world development."

According to Qu Xianming, manufacturing power must be strong in IP. Strong IP is an indispensable support and protection to building strong companies, strong cities, strong provinces, and eventually a strong nation. And Qu pressed that, China needs more efforts on innovation-driven economy, optimizing the policy environment and taking the advantages of system to realize the aim of "Made in China 2025".

(China IP News)