Beijing: Zhongguancun to Develop Standardization Strategy

Dec.19 (China Daily) -- The Zhongguancun Standardization Association was established on Dec 16 in Beijing.

At the establishment ceremony, the first seven Zhongguancun standards were released and the Bank of Beijing and the Zhongguancun Standardization Association signed a strategic agreement on financial standards.

The seven standards apply to areas such as new energy technology, intelligent transportation, health care and the new generation of information technology.

The establishment of the association will accelerate the construction of technological and innovative centers in Beijing.

Sui Zhenjiang, vice mayor of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality, said that the association could be a platform to offer enterprises and industrial alliances professional services to establish related industrial standards and be a communication bridge between government and industrial departments.

At the ceremony, Sui said many countries have identified standardization establishment as one of the strategies that can realize high-quality national development.

He stressed that the Beijing government will emphasize standardization work in various ways, including establishing a standardization commission and opening pilot demonstration areas to improve standardization policies. It will also support innovative enterprises participating in activities that tend to set international standards, which will further consolidate the development of strategic emerging industries in China.

To date, the Zhongguancun Science Park has released 6,146 standards, of which 229 apply internationally.

Meanwhile, Beijing will encourage more industrial alliances to start setting standards for key industries in Zhongguancun to form a standardization cluster.

Zhongguancun had published 220 alliance standards as of the end of November and another 262 standards are under discussion.

Sun Yuning, president of the Zhongguancun Standardization Association, introduced the structure and functions of the association and said the association will promote cooperation among various industrial alliances and become an international standardization organization.

About 240 experts, scholars and delegates from the Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science, the Beijing Intellectual Property office, the Beijing Municipal Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision and the Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology attended the establishment ceremony.