IP Brief (January 31, 2018)


Source: China IP News



In the recently-closed Beijing 2018 Book Fair, 736 book companies displayed their 500,000 books published since 2017 to more than 92,000 visitors.


Recently, there were 12,131 patents logged on Liaoning IP operation platform, 9,197, 2,656, 278 of which were inventions, utility models and designs respectively.


In 2017, Anhui province filed 93,527 inventions patent applicatons, 12,440 of which were granted. The number of invention patents housed by per 10,000 heads reached 7.7.


In 2017, a total amount of 1.42 billion yuan were secured by companies in Hunan province after pledging their IPRs, up 115%. There were 143 pledge financing registered and 608 patents were pledged.


Recently, a plan to build the national IP Training (Guangdong) Base was approved by SIPO in Zhuhai, Guangdong province.


Recently, a work programme on further developing patent enforcement and right-safeguard mechanism in E-Commerce and exhibition sector was issued by Sichuan government. It put forward four measures to improve such work in the above two fields.


Recently, 20 herbaceous peonies fostered by Gansu forestry S&T promotion center were registered as new plant varieties.