Shanghai Sees Rising Patent Applications, Authorizations


Source: Xinhua

Shanghai has processed a rising number of invention patent applications and authorizations over the past decade, according to local authorities.

The number of invention patent applications increased to more than 131,700 in 2017 from about 52,800 in 2008, while the number of patent authorizations grew about 13.5 percent annually to more than 70,400 in 2017, according to the Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration.

The number of valid patent applications hit 878,460 in 2017 from 132,920 in 2008. The number of patents also rose to 41.5 per 10,000 people in Shanghai during the period, up from 6.8.

The added value of Shanghai's copyright industry was up 113 percent to about 297 billion yuan (about $46.8 billion) in 2015 over 2008, accounting for 11.84 percent of the city's GDP in 2015.