Report is Rich, Inspiring, said NPC Deputy



“The Supreme People’s Court (SPC) has set up six circuit courts all over the country to facilitate regional trials and public litigation,” said Gong Jiali, an NPC deputy and president of the Guangdong Higher People's Court, when commenting on court achievements in China over the past five years on March 10.

In the meantime, the SPC also explored and piloted programs of intellectual property courts and internet courts to further promote a modern trial system and capacity, he said.

Gong said the SPC has achieved tremendous progress in its judicial function to ensure the peace and security of the people.

He said that courts in Guangdong keep reforming themselves and adhering to the principle of being “problem-oriented”.

He said courts in the province have a higher vision to safeguard the security and rule of law in the region and make Guangdong the place which boasts “the best legal environment” in China.