Liaoning Intellectual Property Base Established in Shenyang



Liaoning Intellectual Property International Exchange and Cooperation Base was established in the Sino-German High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park in Shenyang, capital city of Northeast China’s Liaoning province on April 23.

The establishment of the base is expected to serve as a channel to boost international cooperation on intellectual property and strengthen the protection of proprietary intellectual property rights.

An intellectual property information public service platform in the base started operations the same day. It provides services for retrieving and browsing the patent data sources of 103 countries and regions.

Meanwhile, in line with the strategic development needs of industries in the Sino-German industrial park, patent thematic databases targeting auto making, intelligent manufacturing and high-end equipment manufacturing industries were also established to provide information for decision-making involving industry competition.

Information regarding safeguarding legal rights, national and regional intellectual property policies, industry dynamics and cutting-edge technologies are included in the databases.

In addition, experts, scholars and intellectual property lawyers were invited to provide consultation services for around 70 companies in the Sino-German industrial park on April 23.