Tianjin, Zhongguancun Work on IP Protection


Source: chinadaily.com.cn 

The China (Beijing) Intellectual Property Rights and Report Complaints Network (Beijing 12330) and Tianjin 12330 jointly launched the IP right protection center at Tianjin (Binhai)-Zhongguancun Science Park in Tianjin municipality on April 19.

The 12330 hotline is set to accept complaints and provide rights protection assistance of corporate intellectual property rights, and services include consultancy of patent application and protection and counterfeit patent reporting.

The newly-built center will have an expert team consisting of college teachers and service personnel from law firms and patent agencies, to provide regular guidance for companies in the park on protection of intellectual property.

Yuan Yun, vice general manager of Taihe Zhisheng (Tianjin) Technology Co Ltd, said, "The 12330 service center is helpful in that it not only saves a big amount of agency fees for our company but also provides potential warnings of IP violations."

With the joint efforts of Beijing and Tianjin governments, the Tianjin (Binhai)-Zhongguancun Science Park has attracted near 400 registered tech-companies in less than two years.

Tianjin will also cooperate with Beijing and Hebei province to conduct cross-regional reporting and complaints, rights protection assistance, public services and mediation of disputes in order to improve the awareness of intellectual property protection and the comprehensive ability of intellectual property rights of the companies.