Liaoning Intellectual Property Office Conducted Patent Enforcement Examination in Dandong City


Recently, in accordance with Plan for Enterprises-related Administrative Law Enforcement Examination of Organizations Directly Under Liaoning Province in 2018, Liaoning Intellectual Property Office, Dandong Intellectual Property Office and IP management departments of Zhenxing District, Dandong City, jointly conducted enterprises-related patent law enforcement examination in the way of "dual random and public disclosure".

Wanda Department Store was randomly selected as the object of examination. Four law-enforcement personnel examined patent commodities sold therein. After examination of over 100 commodities including toys, cosmetics and small wares, one patent commodity was found and none commodities were suspected of counterfeiting patent.

It is reported that Liaoning Intellectual Property Office plans to conduct four random law enforcement examinations in 2018 together with patent law enforcement departments of cities, districts and counties that objects of examination are located in. Liaoning Intellectual Property Office, when conducts centralized examination and remediation of key areas and places of Liaoning Province, will also publicize and advocate patent-related laws and regulations, and implement various requirements of law-based administration of government during examinations. (Translated from SIPO Website Chinese Version)