Chongqing Eyes Quicker IP Protection



West China's first fast-aid center for IP protection will soon be in service in Chongqing's Liangjiang New Area, local media reported on May 30.

"After several trial runs, the fast-aid center will provide fast lanes and green channels so local enterprises can get timely assistance in IP issues," according to a director of the Liangjiang Technology and Innovation Department.

He noted that this move will inject new momentum into the innovative development of the automobile & motorcycle industry in Liangjiang New Area.

With an office area of 500 square meters, the center will be a one-stop station where a diversity of affairs regarding patent filing and copyright protection can be smoothly handled.

Best of all, aiming to maintain an innovation-friendly environment, the center will join hands with national and municipal commissions to resolve counterfeiting and IP-related disputes and infringements.

To date, Liangjiang has supported 1,382 patented products and incubated 106 pilot enterprises. Its offices received 3,757 patent applications and filed 2,568 patents in 2017.

The number of patents per 10,000 people reached 12, 4.75 higher than that of Chongqing, a 33 percent surge from last year.

With innovations emerging rapidly, the administrative committee of Liangjiang New Area sees a growing necessity to protect their achievements.

In the future, Liangjiang New Area will bring in authentic IP service agencies and carry out joint programs to build up a well-organized IP governance system.