Dongting (Mountain) Biluochun Tea


Dongting (Mountain) Biluochun Tea is a green tea produced in Dongting Mountain by Taihu Lake in Suzhou City of Jiangsu Province, which is made from the tender shoots and leaves of traditional tea trees by unique process. It has the characteristics of fine, curly, snail-like, long-lasting tender fragrance, delicious taste and sweet aftertaste.

Dongting Mountain belongs to the north subtropical temperate monsoon climate zone. It is located in the hilly and mountainous areas of Western Suzhou. Affected by the Taihu Lake and its surrounding terrain, it is warm and humid with distinct seasons. There has high content of organic matter and phosphorus in the soil, which is suitable for tea cultivation. Tea-fruit intercropping is the characteristic cultivation method of Biluochun Tea. Tea trees are the main plant in tea garden. The coverage rate of intercropping is 25% - 35% of the woods and fruit trees.

The picking time of fresh leaves of Dongting (Mountain) Biluochun Tea is from the spring equinox to the grain rain. The unique color, fragrance, taste and shape style of Biluo Spring is formed by picking fresh leaves, tea green removing at high temperature, hot kneading and shaping, rubbing pellets and drying with gentle fire. (Courtesy of the IP Protection Department of CNIPA)