Xinyang Maojian Tea


Xinyang Maojian Tea is a green tea produced in Xinyang City of Henan Province, which is made from the tender shoots and leaves of traditional tea trees by unique process. It has the characteristics of Fine, round, tight, straight, long-lasting fragrance and refreshing and sweet aftertaste.

Xinyang is located on the northern slope of the western Dabie Mountains and the northern slope of the eastern Tongbai Mountains. It has abundant vegetation, sunshine and rainfall. The tea garden mainly distributes in hilly and mountainous areas. The soil is mainly yellow brown loam and yellow cinnamon soil. The soil layer is deep and the content of organic matter is more than 1%.

The unique color, fragrance, taste and shape style of Xinyang Maojian Tea is formed by fresh leaf grading, spreading, green removing with raw pot, kneading and shaping with cooked pot, first drying, cooling and re-drying. (Courtesy of the IP Protection Department of CNIPA)