Ganzi Water Wash Roasted Barley Flour


Roasted barley flour is well known as the staple food of Tibetans, but Ganzi water wash roasted barley flour is more famous because of its eminent quality and unique process.

Ganzi, located in Western Sichuan Plateau, is part of the Tibet Plateau. There are many factors contributing to the growth condition of highland barley, the raw material of roasted barley flour. High altitude, deep and thick soil rich in organic matter, noteworthy temperature difference between the day and night, long sunshine time, appropriate temperature and moderate precipitation, and the special geographical location provide highland barley an excellent growth condition. 

Ganzi water wash roasted barley flour, grinded exquisite and smelled appetizing, not only has the appearance of green health but also owns many traits like affluent nutrition and delicate taste. Statistically, on the basis of satisfying the demand of local needs, Ganzi water wash roasted barley flour has also been exported to Italy, Spain, India, Nepal, etc. (Courtesy of the IP Protection Department of CNIPA and IP Bureau of Sichuan Province)