Longquan Celadon


Longquan Celadon is produced in Longquan city of Zhejiang Province and famed for their thin body under thick glaze; in a variety of colored glazes, the powder blue and the plum green are considered the best. The Longquan Celadon was made of kaolin, china stone,  limestone and purple soil, all locally found materials, and adopted the traditional firing techniques, including a specific mixture  and hand-moulding craft under high temperature (1310℃). The product is a distinguished artwork in Chinese celadon history.

Longquan Celadon is divided into two branches: the Ge (older brother) and the Di (younger brother)—the former is distinguished by a thin and darker clay body, thick glaze, purplish mouth rim, regular shape and lustrous appearance, while the latter by a white body, thick glaze with no crackles, and occasionally white marks at the edge or ridges. The products of Di are elegant in shape and design, famed for its "jade-like color, mirror-like gloss, and sounding like chime when being struck."

Since the implementation of the protection of Geographical Indication Products, Longquan Celadon has defined the protection areas, developed standardized production technology and approved the use of special signs to protect the brand against counterfeiting, through which its trade and long-term development has been promoted. (Courtesy of the IP Protection Department of CNIPA)