Hongshan Purple Cai-tai


Hongshan Purple Cai-tai is a special variety of Purple Brassica campestris planted in Wuhan City, Hubei Province. It belongs to Brassica of Cruciferae. The protection area covers three administrative areas under the jurisdiction of Hongshan District, including Hongshan Township, Jiufeng Township and Huashan Town.

After long-term natural selection and cultivation, the plant of Hongshan Cai-tai is tall, the leaves are expanded, and the color, fragrance, taste and shape are all of high quality. From the first ten days of November to March of the next year, it is a delicacy on the table around New Year's Day and Spring Festival. The edible part is mainly the tender stalk, which is rich in nutrition. It has sweet, crisp and refreshing taste, purple color. The texture is fresh and tender.

Through the protection of geographical indications, Hongshan Cai-tai has established characteristic quality control system, which set up the standard specification for the origin environment, variety selection, cultivation technology, breeding of improved varieties, inspection rules, and requirements for packaging, transportation, storage. According to statistics, the current production scale is 600 hectares with an annual output of 13,500 tons, which can drive more than 2,000 households to participate in planting and sales every year, and increase the annual income of farmers by more than 5,000 yuan. (Courtesy of the IP Protection Department of CNIPA)