Wuxi (National) Industrial Design Park


Source: chinadaily.com.cn

This park was the first high-tech zone for industrial design with Science and Technology Ministry approval, with a planned area of 2.5 square kilometers and an administrative area of 12.5 sq km. It has at least 3,700 companies with more than 15,000 professionals of all types.

It has a "Three Innovations" platform on more than 1,300,000 square meters for an Innovation Park, Hujing Science and Technology Park, Shanghai Center & Chengkai International, Jiacheng International, and the Pearl Development, Huaren, "530", Lianchuang, Zhongrui, and Baotong buildings.

The park has some major projects going, on an 800,000-sq-m space, such as a National Integrated Circuit Design Center, Energy Conservation and Environmental Friendly Bldg, and Research and Innovation Bldg and is in the planning stage for projects on 1,530,000-sq-m, including an RBD High-end Research and Development Business Zone, second phase of the National Integrated Circuit Design Center, and an International Industrial Design Center.

It is gradually forming five areas for Industrial Design Incubator Bases, an Innovation Industry Park, the National Integrated Circuit Design Center, Specialized R&D Design Clusters, and Living and Leisure Facilities.

The Public Technological Service Platform has the following centers: Industrial Design Business Start-up Services, Intellectual Property Right Information, Super "Cloud Computing", Micro-electronics Testing, Ship Design, Automobile Design, Rapid Prototyping, Patent Services, and SIPO Design Patent Information (under construction), as well as a United Innovation Service Platform for Integrated Circuit Production, Study and Research (under construction) and Intellectual Property Right Information and Industrialization Public Service Platform (under construction).

Its areas for attracting scientific and technological investment emphasize top product strategies, large scale, emerging industries in industrial design, IC design, the Internet of Things, software, and service outsourcing.