Fangxian Shiitake Mushroom


Fangxian shiitake mushroom is produced in Fangxian County of Hubei Province, which belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate area, with four distinct seasons and abundant river water. The protection territory is densely forested with mountains and abundant vegetation resource. The special geographical location, unique climate and environmental conditions give birth to the high quality of Fangxian shiitake mushroom, such as good color, beautiful appearance, fragrance and grease, pure texture and rich nutrition.

Fangxian has a long history of cultivating mushrooms. According to historical records, people in Fangxian have been used to producing and eating shiitake mushrooms since Tang Dynasty. Fangxian shiitake mushroom is compact and nearly hemispherical in shape, with causeway edge, short stipe and golden pleat. The crude protein content of every 100g dry product is not less than 20g.

Through the implementation of geographical indication protection, the producers of Fangxian shiitake mushroom carry out harmless cultivation and standardized operation in the whole production process, purchase, processing, packaging, transportation, storage and other circulation links in accordance with the technical regulations.(Courtesy of the IP Protection Department of CNIPA)