China Granted 208,000 Invention Patents in 2013

China's State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) in Beijing released the data of invention patents in 2013 on February 20. In the year of 2013, SIPO accepted 825,000 invention patent applications, up 26.3 percent year on year, ranking the first in the world three years in a row; China granted 208,000 invention patents.  Among them, 144,000 were domestic, same as the year before. Up to the end of 2013, the valid domestic (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) invention patents totaled 587,000, amount to 4.02 per 10,000 people, 2 years ahead of the goal of the national "12th Five-Year Plan"."The structure of application and patents granted constantly improved, the qualities of patent application gradually enhanced. Companies gradually built up their status in IPR creation,"said a relevant principal of SIPO.

The top ten ranking of provinces (municipalities) and companies are quite attractive to the public. Among the top ten provinces having granted the most invention patents in 2013, Beijing for the first time surpasses Guangdong, ranking the number one with 20,695 patents; Guangdong and Jiangsu occupies the second and third place; Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shandong and Sichuan stands the forth to the seventh; Anhui is listed for the first time, ranking the eighth; Shaanxi and Hubei win the last two spots of the list. In the top ten enterprise ranking, Huawei still ranks the top, followed by Sinopec; the rest are ZTE, CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation), Oceans King Lighting, SMIC (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp), BYD, Huawei Terminal, Chery Automobile and CNOOC (China National Offshore Oil Corporation). It's worth mentioning that it's the first time for CNPN, Ocean King Lighting to be listed among top ten.

SIPO released the top ten provinces (municipalities) having the most cumulative invention patents up to the end of 2013. They are Guangdong (95,475), Beijing (85,434), Jiangsu (62,112), Shanghai (48,370), Zhejiang (43,275), Shandong (27,996), Sichuan (16,677), Liaoning (16,092), Hubei (15,235) and Shaanxi (14,394). In the year of 2013, SIPO accepted 22,924 PCT applications, an increase of 15.0 % year on year; 15 provinces (municipalities) reached over 100 PCT applications. Among them, Guangdong made 11,525, ranking the number one; Beijing, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Zhejiang stood the second to the fifth; the total of those accounted three forth of the whole.

(China IP News)