SIPO will Push forward Rapid Collaborative Protection of IP

Dec.9 -- Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C (SIPO) issued a notice deciding that it will conduct rapid collaborative protection of intellectual property (IP) in accumulation areas of advantaged industries in qualified regions. Relying on a batch of IP protection centers of key industries, the collaborative protection will combine fast examination, fast identification of intellectual property rights (IPR) and fast protection of IPR as well as build a linkage mechanism integrating identification of IPR through examination, administrative law enforcement, IPR safeguarding and aids, mediation and judicial cohesion. Once the protection centers are established, cases of counterfeiting a patent in related industries in the local region and cases of infringement of industrial design will be concluded within 10 days. Cases of invention and utility model infringement will take up to one month.
According to person-in-charge of the Patent Management Department of the SIPO, the protection centers will center on improving fast protection of IPR, deepening the progress of fast examination and fast identification of IPR, promoting the collaborative cooperation of IP and promoting patent navigation and operation of IP. They will conduct report and complaint work thoroughly, actively build online IP safeguarding mechanism for advantaged industries and practically raise the penalties for dishonest behaviors relating to IP; orderly expand the different types of IPR in quick examination, reasonably extend the industries for fast examination, collaboratively raise patent quality, produce fast evaluation report of patent rights, promote and improve the cohesive mechanism between administration and legislation, promote to build mechanism of social mediation and arbitration, establish a working mechanism for the development of patent navigation and promote the IP operation of the industries.

According to the notice, for cities and regions at prefecture-level and above applying for fast collaborative protection of IP, the production value of their advantaged industries should rank top in the nation. Meanwhile, their performance evaluation's result of patent administrative law enforcement should rank top among cities (regions) of the same kind. The local governments and intellectual offices where protection centers are established should provide guarantee to the building of the protection centers. The SIPO will select outstanding candidates out of all applying regions to reply and to provide supervision, guidance and examination in the building and operation of the protection centers. (Translated from SIPO Website Chinese Version)