The Second International Forum on Creation and Invention


The Second International Forum on Creation and Invention was held in Beijing from May 23-25. At the forum were Mr. Ni Zhifu, President of China Association for Inventions, Mr. Wang Jingchuan, Commissioner of State Intellectual Property Office,Ms. Rita Hayes, Deputy Director General of WIPO, Mr. Martti Enajavi, Director General, National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland, and over 200 participants from more than 20 countries including the WIPO officials, experts and scholars attended the forum.


Commissioner Wang Jingchuan delivered the opening speech. He pointed that at the era of the 21st century, the science and technology are developing rapidly and the economy is becoming more globalized.  Technology innovation has become the basis of the knowledge based economy, and the science and technology and the economy are well connected.  The key to promote the technological innovation is to provide an internal dynamic mechanism and create an external legal environment for the protection of technology innovation and maintenance of fair competition. The Chinese government raised the strategy of developing the country with science and technology and education. This is based on the improved intellectual property system to increase the international competitiveness. Many countries are making efforts to increase their innovative mechanism, and China is willing to work with all for the common progress of the human being.


Ms. Rita Hayes's speech impressed the audience with the involvement of the world in the innovation. She said that the civilized China with its long history is an active cooperative partner of WIPO. Intellectual property is both the result of the innovation and invention and the source for encouragement of the innovation.  It is now playing an increasingly important role in the world.  With the changes of the human life by digital technology, biological and genetic technologies, the international intellectual property system is constantly developing and has become the key to transfer the innovation into productivity and the key to improve the competitiveness of individuals, industries and national capacity. WIPO is now devoted to establishment of sustainable and applicable intellectual property system, development of the human potentials, and establishemnt of reasonable institutions for the benefit of all.


Mr. Enajavi, the coordinator of the forum pointed that in the past, nearly 3 billion populations had never obtained knowledge.  Due to the various stages of economic development, the gap was being enlarged.  However we should not be disappointed.  Instead we should make full use of the intellectual property system; in particular the innovative capabilities should be fully developed.  All countries should be actively involved in this activity with the aim to the common development and creation of beautiful future.


The forum lasted 2 days, and it covered a series of issues related to invention and innovations such as the invention, innovation and the creation of wealth, the role of the inventors in the social development, intellectual property in the era of knowledge-based economy, international patent system, the importance of the invention and innovation in the market competition, and the conditions for the socialization of the inventions and innovation.