24th CNIPA-KIPO Heads Meeting Held in Seoul


Venue of the 24th CNIPA-KIPO Heads Meeting

The 24th CNIPO-KIPO Heads Meeting was held in Seoul, Korea in the afternoon of October 30 (local time). Commissioner Shen Changyu of China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) and Commissioner Park Won-joo of Korean Intellectual Property Office attended the meeting.

Shen Changyu remarked that China and Korea, as close neighbors linked by a narrow strip of water, have increasingly close communication in all fields, and IP cooperation has played an active role in promoting relationship between the two countries. During the past 20 years, IP cooperation between China and Korea has been deepened constantly with rich achievements. This year, Chinese government rebuilt CNIPA, endowed CNIPA with new functions including management of trademark and geographical indication of origin, and in which way strengthened IP protection; this provides good opportunity for expansion of cooperation between CNIPA and KIPO. Particularly, with the ceaseless development of new technologies and new forms of industry, CNIPA and KIPO shall not only deepen cooperation in fields of patent examination, design, automation and re-examination, but also expand the field of cooperation to trademark, artificial intelligence, big data and IP protection, so as to promote cooperation between the two offices to take new steps.

Park Won-joo expressed that Korea attaches great importance to the development of Chinese IP and cooperation with CNIPA in various fields of IP. Over the years, CNIPA and KIPO have built solid foundation for cooperation and enjoy profound friendship. At present, the two offices face with the same opportunity and challenges in the aspect of IP development; KIPO is willing to solidly promote existing cooperation projects, and strengthen cooperation in fields of trademark, artificial intelligence and IP protection so as to provide better services to IP users of the two countries.

In the meeting, the two offices reviewed cooperation achievements in fields of patent examination, automation, design and re-examination in the past year, agreed to implement China-Korea Joint Search pilot program, and made in-depth exchanges on issues including further cooperation in fields of trademark, IP protection and staff training as well as improvement of relevant cooperation mechanisms.

After the meeting, the two commissioners signed the Summary of the 24th CNIPA-KIPO Heads Meeting . (Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)