Shen Changyu Visited Changzhou to Research on Reinforcing IP Protection and Promoting High-Quality Economic Development


On May 25, Commissioner Shen Changyu of China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) visited Changzhou, Jiangsu and conducted a special research on comprehensively reinforcing IP protection and promoting high-quality economic development. Shen Changyu and the officials carried out field researches in China (Changzhou) Intellectual Property Protection Center and some local enterprises and had in-depth exchanges regarding IP work with relevant parties in Changzhou. He emphasized that it was necessary to tackle such problems as “the long cycle, high cost, difficult evidence collection, low compensation and ineffectiveness” in IP rights protection and to provide a more convenient, efficient and low-cost right-protecting channel for the public. Leaders of relevant departments of CNIPA, Patent Examination Cooperation Jiangsu Center of the Patent Office, CNIPA, and Intellectual Property Office of Jiangsu Province participated in the research. (Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)