Shen Changyu Attending the 25th CNIPA-KIPO Heads Meeting


On the afternoon of December 3, 2019, the 25th CNIPA-KIPO Heads Meeting was held in Kobe, Japan. CNIPA Commissioner Shen Changyu and KIPO Commissioner Park Won-joo attended the meeting.

Shen Changyu remarked that CNIPA and KIPO have a long history of cooperation with fruitful achievements, and they have long maintained a good partnership. With the joint efforts of the two offices in recent years, IP cooperation between China and South Korea has seen steady progress. Cooperation projects between the two sides in patent examinations, trademark examinations, designs, automation, re-examinations, training and other fields are in smooth progress with fruitful results. He hoped that the two sides could continue to promote various practical cooperation projects in the future and further deepen the comprehensive cooperation in IP to provide strong support for IP development and economic innovation of the two countries.

Park Won-joo said that South Korea and China are good neighbors and KIPO attaches great importance to their cooperation with CNIPA in various IP-related fields. The two sides have maintained profound friendship and there is a solid foundation for bilateral cooperation. KIPO is willing to join hand with CNIPA to promote the existing cooperation projects and strengthen exchange on promoting innovation and IP protection to jointly improve the IP protection environment of the two countries.

At the meeting, the two sides introduced their latest progress in IP-related fields respectively, reviewed the cooperation achievements they have made in patent examinations, trademarks, designs, automation, IP protection, re-examinations, talent training and other fields, discussed some topics such as trademarks, IP protection and personnel training and specified the cooperation content for the next step. The two offices also agreed that the 26th CNIPA-KIPO Heads Meeting would be held in South Korea by KIPO.

After the meeting, the two commissioners signed the Summary of the 25th CNIPA-KIPO Heads Meeting.

This was also the first time that the CNIPA-KIPO Heads Meeting was held in a third country after the adjustment of the bilateral and trilateral meeting mechanism among China, Japan and South Korea. (Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)