CNIPA Party Leadership Group Discusses Implementing Guidelines from CPC Central Committee, Plans Next Steps for Controlling COVID-19 Epidemic and Supportive Measures for Enterprises to Resume Work


On the morning of February 13, the CNIPA convened a meeting for both its Party Leadership Group and Leading Group for COVID-19 Epidemic Response to discuss how to implement the guidelines of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech at a Standing Committee session of the CPC Central Committee and his remarks when visiting some places in Beijing to guide epidemic control work there. The meeting also briefed on work arrangement determined at the latest meeting of the Central Leading Group on Responding to the COVID-19 Epidemic Outbreak and the work arrangement decided at the latest executive meeting of the State Council. Also discussed were the next steps CNIPA’s epidemic control work and supportive measures for enterprises to resume work. At the meeting, Shen Changyu, secretary of the CNIPA Party Leadership Group, CNIPA commissioner and head of the CNIPA Leading Group for COVID-19 Epidemic Response, conveyed these guidelines and made arrangements for related work.

The meeting pointed out that it is now a crucial, tough time for addressing the epidemic. General Secretary Xi Jinping’s guidelines delivered at the above-mentioned meetings and visits are of importance guiding significance for the next steps of the epidemic control nationwide. His words were also a great encouragement for people all over the country to have a stronger conviction to overcome the epidemic. The CNIPA Party Leadership Group must earnestly learn and implement his guidelines and strictly carry out the arrangements by the Party and the State Council. While going all out for the epidemic control, we must ensure the smooth running of all work and actively facilitate enterprises to resume work and production, which serves as a strong support for economic and social development.

The meeting highlighted three focuses. Firstly, keep unremitting effort in COVID-19 prevention and control and fulfill our prevention and control duties. We should coordinate our work with a holistic approach and offer differentiated guidance to finish all tasks in a detailed manner with concrete results. Our first priority remains the epidemic control at the Patent Examination Cooperation Hubei Center of the Patent Office, CNIPA. We will continue to support the Center both in goods and moral encouragement to help its epidemic control effort. Secondly, improve the patent information platform for epidemic prevention and control with more detailed data and convenient services to facilitate related research breakthroughs. Thirdly, ensure smooth running of all work inside the CNIPA system. We should do a good job in processing applications for patents, trademarks and layout designs of integrated circuits, their examination authorization, and other services. To actively support enterprises to resume work and production and the launching of new business projects, we will open a fast-track passage to streamline the application and registration of patents and trademarks involved in new business projects and resumption of work and production. We will offer guidance to help enterprises use intellectual property as collateral to ease financing pressure. We will as always diligently safeguard intellectual property and legal interests of domestic and foreign enterprises according to law and create a good environment for business and innovation. Fourthly, we will continue our effort on publicity with more positive reinforcement to encourage innovation and market players to prioritize the life safety and health of people against COVID-19. Accordingly, we will perform varied intellectual property services according to law and regulations in a reasonable manner, so as to create a good atmosphere for fighting COVID-19 and win the epidemic battle.

Among the attendees were CNIPA leaders He Hua, Gan Shaoning, He Zhimin, Liao Tao, Zhao Gang, Zhou Huiguo and heads of the Patent Office, CNIPA. Other attendees included heads of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Group dispatched by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the National Supervisory Commission to the State Administration for Market Regulation and representatives from the CNIPA Leading Group for COVID-19 Epidemic Response. (Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)