China Approves Sub-Centers for Overseas IP Dispute Mechanism


Source: Xinhua

China's National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) has approved the establishment of the first 10 local sub-centers across the country, to offer guidance to Chinese entities on resolving overseas intellectual property (IP) disputes.

The sub-centers will provide more efficient, convenient services to help Chinese companies with global business prevent risks and deal with overseas IP disputes, according to a circular released by the administration earlier this month.

Chinese companies are encountering a significantly rising number of IP disputes overseas. Last year, the CNIPA announced the launch of a national center for Chinese enterprises to safeguard their IP rights overseas and to better understand the IP systems and rules of overseas jurisdictions.

According to the CNIPA, the national center will provide services through the Internet, a hotline and its receptions.

Each sub-center should cooperate with the national center to establish mechanisms in resource sharing, information submission, coordination and training, the circular said.

The list of the sub-centers was released on the website of the CNIPA.