Brief on the CNIPA "Cloud Open Day"


April 26 of 2020 marks the 20th World Intellectual Property Day and the Open Day of CNIPA. At 9:00, the "Cloud Open Day" virtual exhibition hall was officially opened on CNIPA's website, inviting the public to visit CNIPA online and learn about its IP-related work. Against the virtual hall, CNIPA Commissioner Shen Changyu delivered a video speech.

Shen Changyu stated that this is CNIPA's 15th annual Open Day and the first that held online, which demonstrates a real sense of "Open to All". He then introduced CNIPA's main responsibilities and tasks in four aspects.

First, to implement the National Intellectual Property Strategy, and advance the building of a country strong on intellectual property. CNIPA is accelerating to formulate the 2035 strategy compendium of building an IP powerhouse, continuously implementing the 2008 strategy compendium, and setting sail on the comprehensive construction of the next stage.

Second,  to continue the examination and authorization, approval and registration, administrative adjudication and other businesses in IP patents, trademarks, layout-design of integrated circuits, appellations of origin and geographical indications, and other fields. At present, China files the largest number of patent and trademark applications in the world. CNIPA's overall 15,000 examiners have strove to enhance the quality and efficiency of IP examination, and provide valid protection to applicants on their legitimate rights and interests.

Third, to strengthen the creation, protection, application and services of intellectual property. Last year, CNIPA led the drafting of Opinions on Strengthening Intellectual Property Rights Protection. The Opinions was deliberated and approved at the 9th Meeting of the Central Commission for Comprehensively Deepening Reform, and issued and implemented by the CPC General Office and the State Council General Office. Thanks to the implementation of the Opinions, China will see a better environment for IP development.

Fourth, to coordinate foreign-related intellectual property affairs. CNIPA has established bilateral cooperation relations with IP institutions in more than 80 countries and regions, and has taken the lead in establishing a "Belt and Road initiative" IP cooperation and exchange mechanism. International cooperation in intellectual property will continue to deepen in the future.

Shen Changyu stressed that the development of intellectual property, as a national strategy, is closely related to people's production and life. The public is not only a participant in the creation and protection of intellectual property, but also a beneficiary of the applications and services. He hoped that the public would visit CNIPA on this "Cloud Open Day", learn the functions and setting of CNIPA and the latest information of IP development, explore the patent and trademark examination procedures, experience the unique charm of IP industry, and participate more in and support the construction of an IP powerhouse.

In the information release section of the virtual exhibition hall, departments of CNIPA respectively released 2019 typical cases of IP administrative protection, top ten cases of invalid patent re-examination, and leading judgments of trademark objection and examination. China Intellectual Property Rights Aid Network was also launched on the website, as well as the premiere of "I Am also an Inventor" animation series.

In addition, the public can also visit each "exhibition hall" to have a detailed understanding of the development of intellectual property, the procedure of IP filing and examination, the winning projects of China Patent Award, the effectiveness of IP in poverty alleviation and the policies and measures to facilitate  epidemic prevention and control. Visitors can also participate in the "Innovation Bud" Class for primary and secondary schools and other online activities. (Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)