The 2nd Beijing International Pharmaceutical and Chemical Intellectual Property Forum

EPO-SIPO Joint International Seminar on Automatic Machine Translation


  • 2014-12-10 22,292    In 2013, Chinese companies submitted 22,292 patent applications to EPO, which made China one of the top 5 applicants of EPO. Chinese companies are performing more and more impressive in patent filed of Europe.
  • 2014-12-10 11%    Data from SIPO shows that, the number of China's invention patent applications in the first 10 months of 2014 got a yearly growth of 11%; the number of PCT applications at that time grew up 23%; the number of Chinese users' patent applications in Europe, the USA and Japan grew up over 30%.
  • 2014-12-10 83%    According to SIPO, China has been improving IP creation, utilization, protection and management since 2008. 83% of the provinces in China achieve the goal of the IP strategy. Some of the provinces' economy have been becoming innovation-driven growth from efficiency-driven growth.
  • 2014-12-03 170    Recently, the 5th China International Copyright Expo ended in Chengdu, Sichuan. During the Expo, over 170 China and international organizations got together, consulting about creation, utilization, protection and administration of copyright, trying to accelerate the innovation and development.