The 2nd Beijing International Pharmaceutical and Chemical Intellectual Property Forum

EPO-SIPO Joint International Seminar on Automatic Machine Translation


  • 2014-03-20 7    In 2013, it took the members of the Cultural Creativity China Tour 7 months to visit and launch researches for 23 Sciences and Technology Parks and enterprises in 6 cities nationwide. This activity aims to build an exchange platform to promote cooperation between enterprises and related associations.
  • 2014-03-20 95,000    In 2013, Guangdong province has filed 11,500 patents over PCT, remaining the top among all the provinces for the 12th consecutive year. As the end of 2013, Guangdong owns 95,000 valid inventions.
  • 2014-03-20 8,950    As of the end of 2013, 1,002 patents agencies have been approved and set up in China and 8,950 patent agents have been recognized, hitting an all-time high.
  • 2014-03-20 41,000    As of the end of 2013, Tianjin small and medium sized technology businesses have owned a total of 41,000 patents. 45 companies own more than 100 patents, 137 companies own more than 50 patents.