• 2020-02-071.1 million

    In the just-concluded special campaign on combating against Internet piracy, copyright enforcement departments at various levels along with departments of network information, communications and public security aimed to root out piracy in many fields, removing 1.1 million piracy links, seizing 10.75 million pirated products and tracking down 450 Internet piracy cases.

  • 2020-02-071 billion yuan

    In 2019, loans secured through pledging patents as collaterals exceeded 1 billion yuan (exact number: 1.222 billion yuan) for the first time in Jiangxi, up 35.3%. A total of 98 deals of this kind were materialized, up 53%.

  • 2020-02-0757,800

    According to the Hebei Administration for Market Regulation, in 2019, six companies in Hebei Province joined the club of national IP model companies; 31 becoming an IP elite company; 44 geographical indication trademarks and 57,800 patents were also granted to the province; two patents were awarded the Gold Medal in the 21st China Patent Award.

  • 2020-02-07206.78 million yuan

    According to the Kunshan Administration for Market Regulation in Jiangsu Province, the total number of IP business transactions in the city logged at 206.78 million yuan, with a loan of 137 million yuan by pledging patents, 7.55 million yuan by licensing patents, 62 million yuan by converting patents into shares and 230,000 yuan by trading patents.

China's IP in Foreign Eyes

  • Chinese virtual key opinion leader (KOL) Ling made her world online debut Monday, leading the latest Chinese internet trend among positive influencers and cultural inheritors and showcasing China's soft power and culture. Bearing a close resemblance to humans, Ling was co-created by Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) start-up Shanghai Xmov Information Technology and Beijing Cishi Culture Media Company. 

    ——XMOV Unveils China's First AI Virtual Influencer, PR Newswire


    Backed by China's younger generation, the emerging virtual technology has been on the fast development track, which has attracted increasing investment in research and development and innovation from more internet firms.

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