• 2018-04-25110,234

    In 2017, Hubei province filed 110,234 patent applications, up 15.84%. There were 51,569 invention patent applications, up 17.77%.

  • 2018-04-25100,400

    As of the end of 2017, Shanghai was in possession of 100,400 valid invention patents, up 18.1%. The invention patent ownership for per ten thousand people reached 41.5, remaining at No.2 in the country.

  • 2018-04-25370,000

    As of the end of 2017, Hebei province was in possession of 370,000 valid registered trademarks, up 15%.

  • 2018-04-2510.7%

    As shown by recently released "2017 China Patent Census", 10.7% surveyed patentees encounter patent infringement, down 7.4% from last year.

China's IP in Foreign Eyes

  • China launched its Queqiao communications satellite on May 21, but unlike other communications satellites, this one isn't going into an orbit around the Earth. This new mission will mark not only the first landing on the far side of the moon, but also an opportunity to take soil samples and test them, comparing them with samples retrieved from the side of the moon that faces the Earth.

    ——What China's Moon Mission Means for the United States, by The Daily Signal


    The successful launch of Queqiao communications satellite is the result of China's efforts to implement innovation-driven development strategy and pursuit of innovation. Only by being bold in innovation, sticking to innovation and good at innovation can China become a space power.

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